Why do tickets cost money?

Often times we are asked why we charge money if we are a non-profit 501c3?

First, we don't charge money for tickets so that we can make money. Our theatre is run by volunteers, we do however have fees, dues, and many other things we have to pay for to keep our theatre program afloat.

Things we invest the ticket money into:


and much more.

A few things we've done with the money is also invested back into Pelham's Sherburne Hall. We are proud of our hall and want to help improve it and keep it beautiful.

We can't do all these things without everyone's support. We appreciate each and every person who attends our theatre productions. We work hard to give you an entertaining show and we sure do love to make you smile!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Hey teens and parents of teens! Did you know.... that volunteering to help for any Community Theatre rehearsal or production will earn you community service hours for graduation?

Even if you are in production, it will count for your community service time!!

Oh, you can't act? Well, that's perfectly ok. Can you move props around, help keep children quiet, paint a wall, carry and organize costumes, point a spotlight, turn a microphone volume up and down, set out snacks, sell at a concession stand, collect tickets/sell tickets, or greet people?

There is PLENTY to do, and we want YOU to come help us!